All You Zombies

Ahem.  Dear World:

All you fuckers better hope I never get hit by a mysterious whistling meteorite granting me superhuman powers.  Because on the day that happens I am taking up the Righteous Cluestick of True Enlightenment and I am not putting it down until I have beaten certain truths into your fogged-up conciousness.  To wit:  you are not the smartest mofo ever to grace this misbegotten rock with your genius.  You’re not even close.  Neither is your favorite preacher/politician/artist/professor/other pretentious blowhard.  It may come as an appalling shock to you, but other people may have opinions which differ from yours, and that doesn’t mean they are stupid.  Or deluded.  Or evil servants of the Cult of Supreme Badness.  Whatever categories you have neatly divided the world into, there are people in it who won’t fit.  And that’s OK.  Sometimes the world won’t fit your myopic preconceptions.  When that happens, it might be a good time to re-evaluate your ignorant assumptions.  It wouldn’t hurt to read a book once in a while, either.



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  1. Avdi…you are so stupid….don’t you realize you are already a super-hero….!!!!

    (the evil genius brain behind the plot to take control of the world’s entire supply of intelligence)



    1. And just in case, although i am sure you understood the humor, if anyone else reads…this was a joke…

  2. Can I borrow the Righteous Cluestick of True Enlightenment when you’re done with it?
    Oh, wait. That assumes the world is going to run out of idiots at some point.
    Nevermind. 😉

  3. does that mean you had a good day at work, too?

  4. The only thing worse than being one of your afore mentioned cretans is assuming this post will be read by said cretans, or (assuming the impossible might happen and such people might actually read this) assuming it would do any good if they do.

  5. But But…

    I am a Evil Servant of the Cult of Supreme Badness!!!

    Really, I am.

    I am the devil. Just ask people.

  6. Fear————?————–Love

    Finally got to see Donnie Darko last night.
    Loved his take on a two dimensional polarized world.

  7. /signed.

    This is SO signed.

    *cheers you on*

  8. *dies laughing*

    That’s brilliant…

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