Why I never get anything done

…I should go see if the PROMS are finished erasingReload livejournal there’s nothing newCheck a few weblogsBookmark an interesting siteThat reminds me of the bookmark manager I’ve been meaning towriteMaybe I should start thatShould it be in Java or Ruby or C++They’re all so inferiorSomeday I’ll write my own language instead of just thinking about it all the timeIs there a conflict between polymorphism and automatic type coercion?I wonder if a “first accomodate, then coerce” strategy would work?I really don’t know anything about language designI need to read more booksLook up amazon.comFollow a tangent, and then anotherOh look, it’s recommending an interesting book on mysticismRead reviewsFollow links to related booksOh that’s interestingAdd to wishlistI need to stop thinking about religion and DO something about itMy spiritual side is so pronounced latelyAdd to list of things to do: “Start new religion, or embellish existing”Crap I should write that goal-management software I’ve been thinking aboutWhat language should it be in?I should check on those PROMSI wonder if there’s anything new on livejournal?I never get any comments anymoreMaybe I should write something about sexGod I’m hornyOr am I?It’s hard to tell anymoreThere’s so much I want or want to doI’m horny for lifeI need to read up on sacred sexualityAll these thoughts in my headI wonder if meditation would help me settle on the here-and-nowI need to learn more about meditationBut there’s so many different kindsLook up mediation on amazon.comThat one looks goodOh look, now it’s recommending anotherMy wish list is huge, and I really need to revise itI should really write that wish-list program I’ve been dreaming aboutWhat language should I write it in?All these programs should really be one big life-management programBut where do I begin?Have to start smallMaybe I should just use a notebook or a journalBut I wouldn’t keep up with itI never doSpeaking of things to do, I should check on those PROMS…

That’s a highly abridged account of 5 minutes in my head.

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  1. One word:



    (but if you do ever write that bookmark manager, I’d love to try it out…)

    1. I don’t drink coffee anymore, and rarely anything caffeinated, since it started bothering my stomach. This IS the decaffeinated me 🙁

  2. You think that’s bad you should see how Kim TALKS on caffiene.

    1. By the way, I’ve been trying to figure out for the longest time what your icon is a picture of.

      1. Crow, from Mystery Science Theatre 3000, dressed up as “Turkey Volume Guessing Man”.

    2. You should hear how she talks after staying up after midnight at our house. It’s like a contact-drunk, or something. I wish I had written down some of the things she’s said, they’re hilarious!

      1. Like telling you not to take my keys out of the fridge? They were in there for a reason you know, they really were.

  3. I think like that when I’m awake. I’m not awake right now. When I’m not awak my thoughts flow slowly, like mollases. It’s funny in your head. You are such a comment whore. You should join the comment whores community.

  4. ah! great minds think alike. i lose myself for hours in such trains of thought…

  5. Well

    We will just have to call you James Avdi Joyce then.

    Or perhaps Avdysseus, since you’re being so Ulysses …

    Hope things are blooming for you 🙂

  6. I should call you sometime and talk about religion.
    That would maybe help clean up a few strands of that mess…

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