Bleh.  Mondays, as a rule, are not productive days for me, but I’m particularly out of it today.  Fresh off the weekend, technical considerations are profoundly uninteresting to me at the moment. 

Given my druthers, I’d meet some friends for metaphysical conversation over coffee after work tonight.  Unfortunately, the only coffeehouse in town closed down.

I feel like I’ve backslidden in my quest for a life.  I realized the other day that of all the friends I have, only one of them calls me with any regularity.  Or meets with me, for that matter.  Of course, this might have something to do with the fact that I told everyone how much I hate talking on the phone.  In retrospect, that may have been counterproductive.

I need to start being more proactive about my friendships.  Things to do/improve on:

  • Start keeping a calendar, so I can keep track of appointments.
  • Start suggesting concrete dates, instead of saying “we should get together sometime!”.  Follow up until it’s final.
  • Start emailing, calling, and writing my friends, even if “just for the hell of it”, rather than waiting for them to contact me.
  • Offer people money to act like they enjoy my company.
  • Try to find some interest groups to expand my network.
  • Stop being so embarrassed of my house/fix the things which embarass me about my house.
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  1. I have gotten very bad about doing anything other than working and clubbing lately by my own admission. most of my potential suggestions are limited by my awareness of your commute and hours – ex – hey avdi, wanna come down after work on a monday, grab some food and be driven to desade? hmm wait that still leaves you driving back up to pennsylvania from ft meade in the middle of the night when you have to work the next day….

    if you two ever do feel motivated to check it out btw, the offer is genuinely open to drive you there and back.

    like you, i need to work on investing more energy towards such matters. i suggest we both make new years resolutions to that effect!

    1. Sounds like a good resolution.

      I do appreciate the offer, and I hope sometime I’ll be able to take you up on it. Is de Sade a weekly or a monthly event?

      On a semi-related note, do you still attend meetings of BESS or the other organization(s) you reminded me of recently? I’d like to check them out at some point, and I/we might feel more comfortable if I/we had someone we knew along.

      1. In general, I don’t because I tutor late on wednesdays but I can make almost any of them with warning on occasion. They don’t have Feb’s stuff up yet, the only one in January is a discussion rather than a demo

        If you have an interest, just let me know within a week or so prior to it. If you prefer to wait for a demo one, thats ok too. I will keep an eye out for likely prospects in their future listings. The meetings are held at 6323 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, MD 21061.

      2. whoops and desade is weekly, every monday but i know DC is a pain for you guys.

  2. At least you can’t complain about the sex!

  3. Calenders. Bosh! They do nothing. I have one and it doesn’t work becausre I never look at it. I had a wall calender but it fell down, hence, caledders are a complete waste of time that you could be spending sitting around trying to remember what you were supposed to do.

  4. I like you! And you can mail the check tomorrow… 😛

  5. Adam misses yous guys 🙁

    1. Us guys misses Adam!

  6. o.O

    It’s not like I have much of a life, either…

    I can call more often, if you like… I just tend to feel like I annoy people… I get nervous, or boring, or both, and end up either talking too much, or finding awkward silences…

    Like this one.


  7. We should get together sometime!

  8. hey avdi that thing about offering people money to act like they enjoy your company made me smile, thank you. i think your company is quite enjoyable ~ no money needed.

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