The assertion in today’s Questionable Content is demonstrably false. I have often remarked to myself that the employees of coffee houses must be drawn from a special school for adorable indie/perkygoff/hippie girls. That’s like, half the reason for patronizing such establishments! 😉

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  1. abso-freakin-lutely.
    well, less hippy and more punk….
    simply because of shaving and deodorant concerns.

  2. Ah yes, the employees of good coffeeshops are definately a big part of the draw. Lots o’ good memories regarding that…

    Do you have a list of webcomics you usually read? I read Questionable conent, too… I read far too many webcomics, but I’m always up for increasing the list.

    1. Not many. I used to read Sluggy Freelance, but that got old. These days Penny Arcade is the only one I read religiously, supplemented with Questionable Content and the occasional check of Sinfest. I just recently (like, today) started reading Something Positive, as well. I don’t know if Clan of the Cats is still around; I used to like that one too.

      All of the above should be googleable, I’m too lazy and pressed for time to link them. Let me know if you have any trouble finding them.

      1. I’m actually familiar with at least the titles of all of those. Something Positive is the only one of those I read. I remember looking at Clan of Cats, but I don’t recall why I haven’t kept up with it. Sinfest couldn’t hold my attention through all the archives enough to get me up to date. The other two have archives so long I really haven’t gotten motivated to try ’em. But I swear that nearly everyone reads them… Someday I’ll probably give them a try.
        Based on that list, have you tried reading Devils Panties or Queen of Wands?

  3. hehehe… we indy/hippy/punk female baristas have some fond memories of our male patrons as well! and some not so fond…

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