On some days, I long to be surrounded with friends and family.

On others, I want to buy a shotgun and a house in furthest Alaska, build a high fence around it, and decorate the fence with signs reading “Beware of the Shoggoth”.

Can you guess what kind of day this is?

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  1. A day where you stomp all over your wife after she just told you of her fabulous news. A day where you nip and bite at your friends and loved ones and don’t bother giving them any warning. A day when all hell breaks loose in your head and you take it out on everyone else.

    Thanks for the show of love and joy over my good news, at least.

  2. Um….

    *walks up wraps his arms around you….*


    from out his side a second pair of arms appear and wrap around you


    followed by another pair of arms which immediate embrace you as well



    followed by another and another

    *pop* *pop* *pop*


    *pop* *pop*

    and so on….until you are completely surrounded and embraced by over a hundred arms of Saj.

    The Saj looks down at your and smiles threateningly and says “you know there are issues and struggles, you know they’re in you and in your friends and family, you know you got to fight them….love ain’t easy….and it can be hard. Hard to embrace humility and forgive and ask forgiveness. Hard to accept being wronged. The entire world is imperfect. How are we going to fight it….otherwise…i’ll start kissing and slobbering all over you!





    *drool* *drool*


    FEEL BETTER? Or did I just make it so that you now have one particular friend for whom the wish for a shotgun is much stronger. *LOL*

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