A question about career celebrations…

As is so often the case, I’ve discovered in talking to someone that a tradition I thought was fairly universal is not. So I’m curious. When you’ve gotten a new job, a promotion, a raise, or some other type of career advancement, how have you celebrated in the past? Did you take your friends/family/SO out to dinner? Did they take you out to dinner? Or did you celebrate some other way, or not at all?

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  1. When I got promoted, I dyed my hair blue. That was about it.

    When I graduated college, my parents took me out for dinner.

    I’m not entirely sure there’s a hard and fast tradition for this stuff. I can see it happening both ways.

  2. It usually involved going out to dinner. In my case I am single so it’s usually just grabbing a friend (preferbly female) and letting them know i’m paying. Sometimes a drink afterwards at my house.

    If i was married…it’d involve much more….(if it were my wife, i’d give them a nice rub down after dinner and try to give them one day of lots of ups…as that can help someone ride thru several days of downs).

    Life is cruel to us…we need to give each other as many rub ups and as few pull downs as we can…(not an easy thing to accomplish on the bumpy ride we call life)

  3. My mom always made my dad shrimp for dinner when he got a promotion or something. Being a member of generation lazy myself (not to mention my horrible seafood aversion) we generally go out for dinner to celebrate things. I also usually get my husband (or whoever) a card and write a note to let him know how proud I am of him and his accomplishments.

  4. not sure, I just got a raise and signed to a rather decent label and I am not celebrated, and fiance just got hired.. I think that he basically had one shot last night of strawberry liquor and fell asleep.


    1. oops not celebrating, not celebrated. heh.

  5. In the case of a job promotion I would LIKE for the person I’m telling to hold my hands as I tell them and then give me a big hug and jump around in a circle with me singing a happy song and then whisk me away on a whirlwind adventure of happiness, going out on the town and celebrating with friends. What usually happens instead is a brief smile and a word like “cool” as he makes his way to the internet. I talk him into going out and he does so grudgingly. I then talk about how excited I am and he offers a couple words of encouragement. I then spend the rest of the night competeing with his hobbies and force him to pay attention to me, lightheartedly of course. *shrugs*

  6. Mom used to ask Dad lots of questions about his new job/promotion, really get involved in his life that way. I think they’d go out to dinner, or if not that then have a special dinner at home and maybe a glass of champagne with a toast or somesuch. It’s been a while, though. Hard to remember.

    My family, for as quirky and dysfunctional as they are, had a way of making the smallest thing into a celebration. Of course they’d make the other smallest thing into a horrific event. But that’s a story for another time.

  7. if i get a raise/promotion, i take someone out to dinner.

    if i get a new job, i just sit at home and toss a few cold ones back.

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