I love my grandmother. Awhile back I got an email from her informing me that she had read through my Amazon wish list, and that she had some books on it, as well as others she thought I might be interested in. Now, you have to understand I never expected anyone to read that list. I use it as a place to keep track of books that catch my eye. It’s up to over 800 books.

Anyway, I received her Hanukah present today. Four books, two of which I’ve opened. The Life of the Mind, by Hannah Arendt; and Genes, Peoples, and Languages by Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza (whew!). I don’t recall adding either of these to my wish list, but they look darned interesting all the same. Yay for brain food!

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  1. Has the grandmother reviewed your LJ?

    Curious if your musings on the tender gender are playing well with the lady. 😉

    1. Re: Has the grandmother reviewed your LJ?

      I have no indication she has. I’m not sure what her reaction would be is she did. She’s pretty liberated, but I’m not sure quite HOW liberated, and which era of feminism she subscribes to. Something tells me my musings on polyamory would be the most likely to disturb her. But she’s a pretty live-and-let-live person.

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