What the hell posessed me to order cream chipped beef at the cafeteria this morning?  There’s a reason they call this stuff “SOS”.  (When I was a kid I came up with a similar term that I felt was more accurate to the aroma and appearance: BOB – Barf On a Biscuit).

I had a hankering for biscuits ‘n gravy, don’t ask me why, and this was the closest they had.  Should’ve just bought some oatmeal…

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  1. Obviously yu were jus try’n to git in tuch with yo suddern side hun.

  2. As a dog returns to it’s vomit, southern stomachs return to SOS….


    1. Dammit, I may have been born in TN and raised in MD (technically below the Mason Dixon line), but I am NOT southern!

      1. 😛

        Yo, you talking to a Connecticut Yankee!

        Pennsylvania is a southern state to us….*lol*

        1. alabama is south. maryland is confused.

          1. We’ll just blame it on Mason AND Dixie and the Line

          2. Blame it on threatening to blow up the Rich men’s club during the civil war, that could make any state confused, right?

        2. Yeah, you stuck up New Englanders, think you’re all better than the rest of us. *sticks out toungue*

          1. You Pennsylvania people think just cause you got the Liberty Bell you’re all that…well your bell is BROKE!!!



  3. mm, biscuits and gravy…but chipped beef? ew.

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