No Kommencement for us tonight. I took an experimental drive to the gas station, and decided the less driving I do tonight, the better. The light snow only serves to conceal the solid sheet of ice that the road has become. I have all-wheel drive and a conservative driving instinct; but I don’t trust Maryland drivers to be similarly sensible.

avivahg got a puppy today. She’s a shepherd/holstein mix; part dog, part cow. The cow bovine ancestry is evident from the way she smells, aven after two baths.

She seems quite healthy, especially in the vocal chords. Until moments ago she was doing an impressive rendition of a gigantic nail on a chalkboard. avivahg must have either allowed her out of her crate (apparently, crating is very important for young dogs – develops their vocal capability, or something), or strangled her.

If I don’t go dancing soon my feet are either going to atrophy or simply secede. I sent a diplomatic mission down there to ease tensions a few hours ago, but I haven’t heard back from it. Rumor has it it’s being held hostage by my liver. The latter’s complaints are blown way out of proportion, no matter what you’ve heard. Don’t believe everythying you see on Al Spleenzeera.

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  1. I have no clue how I found your LJ, but you and I have a ton of interest in common, and we both seem to not go to Kommencement when we plan to. I added you to my friends list, in hopes of figuring out who you are in the real world. BTW, I love you home page, very drad.

    1. You found me, and you don’t even know how! That’s awesome! It’s like automatic writing, only it’s automatic LJ surfing. (BTW: I’m drunk! I’m trying to make up for the fact that I’m not dancing right now! Your best bet would be to back away slowly without making any sudden movements) Anyway, welcome! I don’t know what drad is, but thanks! I don’t usually use this many exclamation points! I think I’d better quit while I’m ahead!

      1. Drad is this thing I stole from one of Poppy Z Brites friends, and I cannot remember her name right now, hold on*scurrys to other page to look*. Caitlín R. Kiernan, there we go, she is a neat writter type person. Anyway, drunk is good. And exclaimation points are good, just don’t poke your eye out. Is your real time name Avdi too?

        1. Yup, Avdi’s my real name. What’s yours?

          1. Adriana. You have got to have the nicest name ever!

          2. Thank you very much.

    2. Hey-ya! Seems we’re in the same predicament (interests & Kommencement). I’m adding you, if’n ya don’t mind! Can never hurt to get to know the locals. 🙂

      1. I added you too. I am still trying to figure out who you guys are, you look familiar. I am kind of a wall flower, so I will have to hunt you down the next time I am at the club. What are your real names?

        1. Well, Avdi’s real name is Avdi. My real name is Stacey. But I do answer to Avivah as well since it’s my Hebrew name.

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