Can you understand
Would you catch my hand
and smile when
dawn breaks
Can you undress the
sky and lay down
with the
Then you will comprehend
when I shake my
hips at

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  1. o, YUM.
    i really, really like that!! “shake my hips at god”…such a cool image. ::shivers::

    1. Thank you!

      If you liked that, may recommend Hafiz? There’s a sampling of his poetry here.

  2. wow, even *i* liked that one.

    1. *shocked* thanks!

      1. i have just never really been able to get into poetry. perhaps b/c all they force you to read in school is crap poetry.

  3. Yours is better

    But I posted one of my over-engineered bits of doggerel.
    I liked Paul Tillich’s exposition of eros, in ‘The Courage to Be’, IIRC. You definitely outshine him for brevity, clarity, and imagery.
    At the risk of over-analyzing, ‘hips’ in the penultimate line is frequently ‘fist’ for people, no? Captain Dan in Forrest Gump comes to mind, atop the mast, having it out with the Almighty.

    1. Re: Yours is better


      I can understand those who rage at God, but I don’t think I’ll ever be in their shoes. To me, it would seem to take a great deal of hubris, even more than I have, to be absolutely sure that God is a) a separate, individual, and very powerful entity AND b) that he is nonetheless somehow beholden to behave according to a certain set of human expectations. And without those preconceptions, I don’t see how it is possible to be angry with him. Most people who shake their fist at God are, IMHO, in fact mourning the loss of a lie their parents, their church, and their society told them from an early age. It’s rather like shaking your fist at santa clause. Which is not to say that “God is a lie”; but any God who’s parameters are defined by anything other than his observable actions wouldn’t be God at all.

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