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I doubt she was trying to start a meme, but I thinkc4bl3fl4m3 had a good idea and I’m gonna steal it.

I’m curious.  Why do you read my journal? If you don’t mind, answer below.

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  1. I tend to read the journals of people I’ve met/known IRL. Also, your posts are of an intelligent and thoughtful nature – quite a refreshing break from the w00t yesterday was so kewl/now I’m gonna take a quizzy standard that seems to pervade this medium.

  2. i know you, your intellect is fun and knowledgable

  3. Because you are an interesting person with interesting things to say. It gives me a window on who you are and what you think.

  4. You intrigue me. You have some brilliant thoughts and theories.
    Some of your non-serious posts have really made me laugh.
    And I like your mix.

    Not awake enough to formulate a coherent response. Sorry.

  5. You’re interesting and some of your writings make me think. That alone is good reason to keep reading!

  6. Cause you’re the great and powerful Avdi….

    (do i really need a reason…? i think cause i respect your posts as intelligent)

  7. because you have a nice butt.

    1. Since you never get to see my butt on this journal, it must not be a very satisfying experience.

  8. Because you’re my friend in Real Life but I see you very rarely and I like to keep up as much as possible in the interim.

    1. ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s nice having friends from cyberspace turn into friends in Real Life.

  9. Bevause I like you adn your my friend and I want to know what’s up with you even when don’t see you. Plus my insaitable thrist for information.

  10. Dunno so many Messianic Jews

    and your stuff provokes thought.

    1. Re: Dunno so many Messianic Jews

      But I’m not a messianic Jew…

  11. I put you on my list because The second I met you in Madison I thought you were an empath, and I had hoped that hearing your words in LJ would bring me some peace.

    and sometimes they do. I enjoy the way you try to pick apart your life and find out more about yourself everyday. I like the way you can take on highly charged topics and see things rationally from more than one side.

    1. Funny you should mention that. Empathy came up in my session with the shrink this morning, and I was planning on writing a bit about it today.

      I’m glad I’ve been of some service. You should come up to Baltimore more often, we’d like to see you again.

  12. A few reasons, though they aren’t in order.
    1. I know you in real life. I feel obligated to read the journals of people that I know.
    2. You have interesting opinions on things, I learn simply be being around you.
    3. I know what you’re talking about when you and J start off on one of your random rants.
    There are a few people who I would stop reading if I didn’t feel obligated to read their journals(do you still follow me?) but your journal is not one of them. I’m in too much of a rush to make that sentence make sense.

    1. It makes perfect sense to me, and I can honestly say that I’m honored.

  13. ~ because your writing is very honest, expressive, and intelligent
    ~ because I like you and enjoy seeing you in person when I do, and reading your LJ has been a refreshing way of knowing some of what is going on with you and communicating back to you, in between the few moments where we are actually in the same place at the same time.
    ~ it makes me think, about things that are worth thinking about, in ways of being made to think that are both enjoyable and a definite growing experience at the same time. Growing experiences are not always enjoyable, and I believe that the ones that are should not be missed.
    ~ I feel that you post more that is worthwhile than I can sometimes take time to give attention to in the degree that it does deserve, so I hope you do transfer your LJ into a personal non~LJ database, for safekeeping, and if and when you ever make a bi~annual hardcopy of it that you wouldn’t mind making available to your LJ friends who would like to look into it in that format, let me know. I realize that you might be laughing at that and okay, I am smirking slightly also, but I’m not completely kidding on that, so do keep me posted. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. You strike me as a very nice person, with an incredibly rich range of interests. When I first started LJ I was freaked out by the concept (still am–I post pretty sparingly) and you seemed like someone who was neither dull, nor dishonest, who I could also trust.

    You’re also a very strong caregiver, which intrigues me because I have not known many people with your personality type who are. Just don’t forget to take care of yourself.

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