Movie Time!

Four Weddings and a Funeral: An unexpectedly tragic romance between a British cad and an American slut.  Tragic, because despite the obligatory standing-in-a-downpour sequence at the end, neither character is struck by lightning.  A chick flick which failed to pass the chick test; by the middle of the film avivahg was just as disgusted with the lead couple’s behaviour as I was.  Not saved by the Rowan Atkinson cameo.  Moral of the film: Irresponsible jerks finish first.

The Dark Crystal:  Lived up to my expectations, which were not overly high.  The story was deliberately written after the setting was already created, and it shows:  it’s not a very good story.  But the fantasy world they dreamed up is lovely, with little touches of muppety genius everywhere.    It’s no Labyrinth, but it would be a good movie to put on at a party with the sound muted and some good music playing.  One truly classic line:  “Hey, I don’t have wings!”  “Of course not – you’re a boy!”

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  1. I’ve slept through Four Weddings and a Funeral several times. . .

  2. Oh, I LOVE the Dark Crystal. It was one of the first movies I ever saw in the theatre, and it’s always been a favourite of mine.

    It’s not Labyrinth, but it’s good in it’s own right.

  3. i love fizgig, and i want one of my own.

    1. if I had one of those it would soon become a ballistic fizgig…

  4. Haha, we used to call my kitten Fizgig cause she’d just freak out at stuff all the time. Very cute.

    That line always gets me. :c)

  5. Yay!

    Someone else who thinks Four Weddings et al was horrible… Gods, I could not believe that people thought that movie was “so great” when it came out… Everyone came across as irresponsible fucktards who didn’t have a clue as to why concepts like “trust” and “open communication” might have anything to do with a relationship…

    At least this proves the point that “just because it isn’t from Hollywood, doesn’t mean it is good.”

  6. Hurrah for the Dark Crystal.

    Even bigger hurrah for Labyrinth. I wonder what ever became of that sequel plan, or has it turned so badly thus far that most are just pretending it was never in the works?

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