I’m not a tumah

I’ve been looking for a test like this for a long time, one that would take a list of attributes and return the sign which actually matches me the best.  It’s all too easy, when you already know your sign, to read yourself into a description of people born under your sign and say “hey wow, that really is me!”.

 I don’t know how accurate it is, but I can tell you I didn’t try to slant the result any particular way.  I’m not at all surprised that my birth-sign, Cancer, is only midway up the list.

What sign of the Zodiac am I?

Pisces 66 %
Virgo 60 %
Capricorn 53 %
Sagittarius 53 %
Cancer 46 %
Aquarius 46 %
Scorpio 40 %
Libra 40 %
Taurus 26 %
Aries 20 %
Gemini 13 %
Leo 13 %

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  1. Wow, Bingo!

    What sign of the Zodiac am I?

    Virgo 73 %
    Scorpio 73 %
    Pisces 66 %
    Aquarius 60 %
    Taurus 53 %
    Capricorn 53 %
    Leo 53 %
    Cancer 40 %
    Gemini 40 %
    Libra 40 %
    Sagittarius 40 %
    Aries 33 %

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    Nailed the Virgo, but kinda like that it’s tied with Scorpio.

  2. hrmmm…

    What sign of the Zodiac am I?

    Virgo  73 %
    Scorpio  66 %
    Capricorn  60 %
    Sagittarius  60 %
    Taurus  46 %
    Cancer  40 %
    Aquarius  40 %
    Pisces  33 %
    Aries  33 %
    Gemini  33 %
    Libra  26 %
    Leo  26 %

    Take the Zodiac test here!

    I disagreed with a lot of the questions on it.. or rather..I really didn’t know how to answer a bunch of them, because they would start off with one part, which I would agree with, and then tack on this “consequence” of being that way, which I was totally against… It was as if they were describing a whole world of reactions to stimuli that seemed utterly bizarre…
    Oh well..
    I’m technically a Gemini–which has suited me fine in the vaguest sense of the sign… i.e. the parts about having some split personalities/multiple perspectives fits me.. but most of the other stuff–like being very mercurial and such are pretty much my opposites..

    of course. I hold about nothing from astronlogy… genetics and environment are going to be a gazillion times more important as factors in who you are than what time in the year you were born….

  3. I’m a Cancer to and also find that none of the attibutes fit me well. However Jay’s a very typical Cancer.

  4. Hm… just an observation:

    You’re the third person on my friends list who had scored as a pisces but Isn’t a pisces. Maybe some of the characteristics that are supposedly like that sign are a little more… universal? ~shrug~ Just noticing.

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