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(What?  I seem to post about politics right after erudito‘s linkfests?  Pure coincidence, I tell you!)

A potentially inflammatory observation:  the anti-Bush Left would have a lot more traction with me if seemingly every other sign, rant, and column didn’t include “capitalist” in his list of crimes.  What the Republicans have mastered in the last several years is the art of staying “on-message”.  The Democrats, and the left in general, could also benefit from this lesson.  One battle at a time is a good way to win a war.

Unrelated:  I, too, never thought I’d say that Hillary Clinton is right.

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  1. I think you are just attuned to this word…

    Probably like I might be open to listening to most right-wing stuff if it didn’t always seem to describe liberals as ‘immoral God hating Communists” out of hand…

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