Afghan cinema, anyone?

Osama is being screened at the Carroll County Arts Center in Westminster this Friday.  I plan on going.  Any locals care to join me/us? (asherhyder? rebekahrae, I know you wanted to see this, but Fridays are bad for you, aren’t they…?)

Osama is the first movie made in post-Taliban Afghanistan.  It’s the story of a 12-year-old girl who, lacking male family, is forced to pose as a boy in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in order to find work to support herself and her mother.

Also being shown on subsequent Fridays: Italian for Beginners (Denmark), Children of Heaven (Iran), and Croupier (Britain).

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  1. Hey, I posted about this back in umm… July? I believe? I saw it when it came to DVD. When you do see it, let me know, because I had all KINDS of questions about it. I just hope I can remember what they were….

  2. I actually saw it…it’s very well done, but it’s more of a life drama…similar to watching The Young Black Stallion at an IMAX theatre.

  3. Ooo, ooo, oo, I want to go. But I don’t think I can. But I wish I could go, does that count?

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