Hear no evil, see no evil…

While we’re talking about international treaty organizations turning a blind eye to tyrany, we shouldn’t leave out the EU, which has opted to be Castro’s bitch.  Specifically, they have agreed to tailor their embassy guest lists to the dictator’s liking; excluding any objectionable political dissidents from diplomatic receptions and whatnot.  God forbid a European diplomat come face-to-face with a dissenting view of the Cuban government’s benevolence.

Vaclav Havel has this to say about it:

I can hardly think of a better way for the EU to dishonor the noble ideals of freedom, equality and human rights that the Union espouses — indeed, principles that it reiterates in its constitutional agreement. To protect European corporations’ profits from their Havana hotels, the Union will cease inviting open-minded people to EU embassies, and we will deduce who they are from the expression on the face of the dictator and his associates. It is hard to imagine a more shameful deal.

Europeans who claim bafflement at the growing ideological rift between America and Europe would do well to consider this and similar European-influenced decisions by the UN.  It sometimes seems, from over here at least, that Europe’s answer to the more unsavory acts of other governments is “LA LA LA LA LA, I CAN”T HEAR YOU!”.   I am not offering this as a defense of military nation-building adventures.  What I am distressed about is an apprent tendency, more and more, to justify inaction not on legal, moral, or pragmatic grounds; but by claiming that the bad behaviour doesn’t exist at all.

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  1. but they’re not america – they have to be morally superior!

    > To protect European corporations’ profits from their Havana hotels,

    * wonders how they like that kind of analysis applied to them? *

    * wonders how many millions of people were murdered in superior-cultured europe in the 20th century *

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