Meme-osas for breakfast

This one has sufficient potential for amusement to meet our exacting standards (snagged from tirani):

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?

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  1. “mmm. Snuggles.”

    1. Yah! Cold! Did you just come in from a polar bear swim, or what?!!!

      1. Sweetheart, during the winter I am genticly cold. I married a dragon because he’s always warm in the winter 😉 He’s my very own portable space heater 😉

  2. Go make me some breakfast!

    1. Get your own damn breakfast, woman!

      And bring me some coffee while you’re at it.

      1. Considering that my coffee doubles as paint thinner, I don’t think having me make coffee would be a good idea.

        However though… as you wish..

        1. “…farm boy, fetch me that pitcher”

          1. *grin* Now we’re thinking along the same lines…

  3. Jules is adding to her collection again….

    1. What the hell is that…thing… in your icon?

      1. funny looking isn’t it?

        It is my interpretation of a phoenix the day after burning up…

        i.e. me trying to renew and transform.

        1. I like it…. 🙂

          and the resemblance is striking.. with bald head and all…

  4. it’s been how long since i’ve seen you and you didn’t wake me up when you got here!?!?

    1. No, and if you waited this long to see me, you could at least wait until noon to wake me 😛

  5. Given the size of my bed I’d probably be like ” Avdi? No wonder it’s so unconfortable.” *push* *thud*

    1. *hrrnnnk* *gruntle* whassaa… hum hmph? woodchucks… geddoff me! *hnnggaah* *snore*

  6. “Where am I?”

    1. More important… where are your hands?

  7. Typically it’s *warm-intertwined-cuddles* but can also be…
    “What time do you want to get up?” or
    “Wow! That was fun!” or
    “Quit hogging the covers!” or
    “Gosh! He’s beautiful!”

    The list goes on. I experience this every day, so… *dreamy sigh*

    1. Don’t forget “how can such a small man generate such a large smell?”

      1. Well, I tried sticking with the non-embarrassing thoughts.

  8. “My husband’s gonna kill me.”

    1. He’s gonna have to get in line behind

  9. Re: hey avdi

    Goddammit you cocknocking son of a rocket bitch, I had you right in my sights when you woke me up!

  10. “oh great, i don’t even get to enjoy my morning coffee before i have to defend my views on libertarianism.”

    1. Oh it’s coffee you want, is it? Coffee from poorly paid third-world labor, exploited by multinational corporations, I’ll bet! Well just go ahead then! Enjoy your slave-juice, you capitalist pig!

      1. wow, you’re definitely NOT a morning person, filthy hippie.

        1. Getting up early is just what the military-industrial complex WANTS you to do, you simpering tool of The Man.

  11. Er, hi… ‘s gonna have something to say about this, isn’t she?

    1. No doubt… ‘course, you never know, it might be “dibs!”

      1. sometimes I think you over/under-estimate me. :-p

        I’d go with, “dibs!” ..but to whom am I referring? 😉

        1. “over/under”? Mmmmm, that sounds nice…

          1. Can I take a raincheck until I’m feeling a bit better? *coughhack*

        2. Oh, screw it. I can’t type today, apparently.

          I’m Laurie’s cute, redheaded rommate. Nice to meet you. 🙂

          1. And you as well. Noted, oodles of icons, not a one of you. *raises eyebrow* So, this “cute” business is all subjective for now. 😉

  12. erm, “WHAT THE FUCK!!!???” 😀

    1. Calm down… I’m sure if we think rationally about this, there’s a logical explanation…

  13. Probably a very similar reaction to the one I posted in avivahg’s journal: Who are you and how did you get here? Seeing as how I’ve never met you in rl…

    1. One minute I was just idly clicking the heels of some ruby slippers I found, and the next… say, you’re not a wicked witch are you?

      1. *looks at the collection of striped socks* If striped socks are a sign of wicked witchiness, then yes. Otherwise, no.

  14. “DAMN IT! How many times do I have to keep telling you people, I’M STRAIGHT! No matter how cute you are–with your luxurious long hair and..err.. getting off topic again…”

    1. Yeah… all the cute guys are straight…

      ME! I was talking about ME! I swear!

  15. awwwwwww… i bet we spent the whole night platonically cuddling and talking about life, art, over the rhine lyrics, poetry and memories.

    1. Yeah, no doubt. “The body is a stairway of skin…” *ahem*

      1. “…you open the door, I let you in…”

        Well, actually, that’s “dwah”, I think.

        1. Well if you want to be technical, it’s “bod-ay” 😉

          1. O-hie-yo bluetip strike anywhere
            Strike me, anywhere…

            la la la la
            la la la la la…

      2. *the body is a book of matches…
        ohio blue tip strike anywhere.
        strike me

        great song…

        1. Hey now! You just stole my thunder. :-p

          I loooooooooooove that song!!!

          1. i know, me too… so great and sexy and kinda otherworldly…

            i think films for radio is one of their best cds as far as experimenting. i radio heaven is an excellent song too.

          2. i think films for radio is one of their best cds as far as experimenting.

            I wholeheartedly agree. Our copy is scratched, though, and so I don’t listen to it very much as it skips on one of my favorite songs.

          3. i radio heaven is an excellent song too.

            My favorite on the album… but I probably already told you that…

  16. I wonder if I can still convince Stacie to feed me…

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