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Nobody ever IMs me :’-(

Not actually true. Two people IM me all the time, and for that (and many other reasons) I love them. Pretty much everyone else only talks to me if I IM them first.

Not to mention email. Which is more or less just an LJ-notification service anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love LJ. But I’m starting to miss one-to-one communication.

Is it me?

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  1. No, not just you. I miss it a little bit too. *hugs*

  2. i simply haven’t been online much, and not online long enough to have decent conversation.
    and even though i know we’re both geeks and really enjoy the topic, i always hate IMing you and only talking about technology. i don’t want you to think i only talk to you for your knowledge pool.
    but i’ll give an hello next i’ve got AIM up.

  3. well, just looked you up on ICQ, and you ain’t there….

    email and LJ “conversations” are easier to fit into interruptions of real life…so i tend to ignore chat forums….too much that drags my attention away from real time relations….

  4. I can’t LJ or IM* from work during the day – but I can email. What’s a good daytime email address to use?

    *I can, but it’s from my cell, so is very, very fiddly.

    (and yes, I miss it too. I even miss the old Xnet chats when it was just you, me, Sean and TW a lot of the time.)

  5. *hug*
    I apologize. We really should talk more. I’m *always* online, (unless my server’s down) and yet generally only talk with the same five or six people (- with rotations periodically as to *which* five or six, as some get lives, and some get bored). I’ve been appriciating a lot of your posts lately, and probably should IM you or call you sometime.

    Anyone who currently talks to me, though, can tell you about the occasional long pause that occurs when I get b****ed at for one thing or other and forget to put up the “mom’s griping at me” away message, or if I get distracted by a shiny/dorky/interesting website (links can be given on request in the latter case, but if it’s too cheesy, you might wish you hadn’t asked). Sometimes, however, I simply don’t know what to say.

    Lately I’ve been even more introverted than usual, and I’ve only been posting in my LJ a couple days a week. My e-mail reading patterns are similar. Speaking of which, e-mail is more than just LJ – it’s notification for xnetgoth and other yahoo groups too! Well, for me anyway…

    It’s not just you, though.
    Talk with you tomorrow?

  6. ya know, i’m getting this too…

    i used to talk to people over my messengers all the fucking time…

    now, it’s just an away message.


    i readded you to my AIM. (jaesonaeolis). Drop me a line sometime.

  7. I’ll send all the random horny freaks who message me in your direction. 😛

  8. I always assumed that you were at work.

    1. I don’t want to bug you if you’re working.

      1. If nobody bugged me, I’d be in mortal danger of productivity. And do you really want to be responsible for that?

    2. silly… why would should that stop you? 😉

      1. I’m going to take that as an invitation to spam you.

  9. I actually got online just now JUST to IM you because I wanted to ask what you were up to tonight. Unfortunately you are NOT ONLINE (grr) so I am leaving a comment in your journal instead. >:P

  10. Re: yay! I think im mentioned!

    No, the annoying spammers are the guys who message me in arabic. Your IMs are always welcome 🙂

  11. hey . . .

    i think that at least 2 1/3 or 2 1/4 people message you without your messaging them first, in that i definitely message you first at times, but not much, so i’m pretty sure i’m not one of the 2 who you refer to who do, but i think i do, 1/3 or 1/4 of the time… 🙂

  12. awe! i’d IM you but it’s just not possible these days… i miss our conversations…

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