The male sex drive is a funny thing.  You can actually feel how many days it’s been since the last orgasm.    It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.  There’s a certain vitality that comes with letting the pressure build.  Mojo, as it were.  It keeps you on your toes.


My neck is getting stiff and sore and I don’t know why.  Maybe I should have paid more attention to the presentation on “workspace ergonomics” yesterday.  The pizza was more interesting.


The plan:
Tonight: Video games with shadowandlight
Tomorrow: work!
Friday: ???  (I’m off this Friday)
Saturday:  Spend the day with my mom, celebrating her birthday.  Thence to Elecktroschock.
Sunday: ???

I guess I need to buckle down and get my taxes done one of those days.



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  1. Yeah, taxes…. Those are good to do sometimes.

    1. hey, you wanna do the harrisburg thing tomorrow evening? This thursday might be better for me than next thursday.

      Unless you’re available Friday… but you have classes, don’t you?

      1. THursday I have to go to work from 8:30 to ? then go to school, write a draft of a paper and get it checked. Dunno when that will be till.
        Friday I have to go to school from 10-2, do a computer aided learning thing and practice bedmaking. So I dunno, when are they open on Friday?

        1. 10-4

          There’s also Sunday, they’re open 1-4

          1. Remember, the kids are also off this Friday.

          2. Thank you, I did not remember.

            I take it your plea for babysitting awhile back didn’t get any bites?

          3. Well Allie and I didn’t say we wouldn’t babysit but when you simply said you weren’t going anywhere and didn’t follow up with “I just need a babysitter” or something to that affect we kind of assumed one was no longer needed. Why are they off? is it a holiday.

          4. Sunday will hopefully be a good day, at least that the idea of the mind numbing schedule I’ve worked out for the rest of the week. So sunday would be good.

  2. Boobs!
    You’re silly. And just trying to get my attention. 🙂

    Taxes are already done, refund is received, and money is (mostly) spent. 🙂

    1. Boobs without nipples are pointless.

      1. *smack* Naughty girl!

        1. What was that for? I’m only sharing what I’ve been taught. 😛

          1. Clearly, they didn’t teach you to say “excuse me” after punning.

          2. Well excuse me!

            Go smack Darthcrank next time. 😉

  3. I just asked my bf about this buildup thing.. and he has never experienced it..

    are you absolutely sure that something physical is happening to you?

    1. No question. I’m not saying it’s a physical pressure, but the mental effects of the hormonal buildup are unmistakable… and it’s not just a matter of thinking about sex more often. And come to think of it, without getting deeply into TMI, there’s a physical aspect as well, an increase in… sensitivity, I guess you could say.

      1. i’ve always called it “feeling horny”, which yes, does get more intense the longer it’s been since orgasm. but if i’m not feeling horny, i don’t feel these effects…

  4. You mean people go more than a day without orgasm?

    1. Sure they do…when they’re old…

      1. Well hey now old people have sexual lives to, we watched a video in nursing assistant class where this 80 year old man claimed he still had the same sexual energy that he did when he was twenty. We also learned about how we have to give old people privacy to masturbate. Guess you’ll need lots of privacy when you’re in te nursing home. 😛

        1. Once you’re on the job in a nursing home, you’ll hear 80 year olds say a lot of things. Some will be the president, some will be Jesus, some will have gone to the moon, and some will tell you that they don’t belong there, etc. Some of the old men won’t want privacy when it comes to having a pretty young nurse help them with their bed pan! ;-P

          1. Actually I worked at one over the summer. They did say a lot of amusing things but most of the time they were primarily concerned with when dinner was and when they could go to bed.

          2. Sounds just like me and my girl!

          3. Well….they want to go to sleep once they’re in bed, generally speaking. 😉

  5. ur weird:) and yay boobs!

  6. wish your mom a happy bday for me.

  7. Well, it’s not totally my fault you haven’t had an orgasm in days. :-p

    1. Never said it was…

  8. You actually go more than one day without an orgasm???

    Damn, I thought I was getting slow with three times a day…

    1. exactly..

      my first thought was, “Days!!!?!?! what about hours?!?

      1. Re: exactly..

        You kids and your sex drives and your lack of self-control 😉 A little self-denial makes it all the sweeter…

  9. perhaps your neck is sore because its been too long since you had an orgasm ?

    did the ‘Boobs!’ reference refer to something elsewhere in the entry, or in other entries, or is is just an explanation without reference or explanation as a spontaneous, one~word celebration of breasts ?

    1. Avdi likes boobs, don’t you like boobs? If one likes boobs does there need to be any reason to mention them?

      1. of course I like boobs you silly! And if one does like boobs, of course there doesn’t need to be any reason at all to mention them; I wasn’t looking for reasons, i just didn’t want to miss any cross~referenced meaning to their being mentioned. 😛

        1. Well there are certainly cross referencees to other purely mnetal thoughts in that I’m sure but he was most likely only refering to them because he likes boobs and because he can’t say boobies with a straight face.

          1. hey, i never thought to wonder whether i could or not ! i’m going to practice trying that for a while ~ anyone care to join me ?

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