New Compy

Soooo… they gave me a new PC today. It’s like my old PC, only without any of my software. It’s theoretically faster, but as I had finally hit the “fast enough” point with my old PC, it doesn’t really make a difference. Somebody better come up with newer, bloatier software quick to take advantage of all this power.

Oh, and all my windows are now framed in what appears to be play-dough. Yep, it came with Windows XP. The chief apparent difference so far is a change in visual philosophy from “drab and ugly” to “stupid and ugly”.

I’m posting this in a new LJ client. Here goes nothing…

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  1. right click the desktop and go to properties to change the look.

    1. Oh, I know… I just can’t believe they went with this for the default look. It’s so… childish.

  2. Windows XP’s look is quite ugly. I can’t believe MS actually thinks that it will win them customers. (But then, with the monopoly they have, maybe they don’t have to win customers.)

    I suppose that they wanted to compete with Apple’s Aqua interface, which is really slick, esthetic, and somewhat colorful. I guess MS thought that more was more when it came to saturated colors. Or maybe they hired a kindergarden-age child to design the UI.

    I am fortunate in that my company moves slowly, and our standard is still Windows 2000. (No goofy colors for us!) But I dread the day that we “upgrade” to Windows XP.

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