Strong drinks?

I’m realizing that while I’m still a lightweight as far as how much alcohol I can consume before hitting my limit, I’m in the minority among my friends in liking my drinks strong. I like the tingling/numbing sensation of alcohol on my palate, and the feel of the vapors filling my head. I like martinis and manhattans, the warmth of straight brandy, and I can get lost in the flavor and aroma of good scotch or bourbon. I don’t mind weaker drinks, either; but I experiment with mixed drinks in order to complement the flavor of the alcohol, not to conceal it.

So: who else likes their liquor strong – and not just for the sake of faster intoxication?

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  1. Me…

    That’s why I only really get Longshoreman at the Inferno.. It’s basically a pint glass of long island ice tea–but made as, god of bartending that he was, Louis would–which means that the hard alcohol ends about 1/2 inch from the top of the glass and then you throw in a dash of coke for color…

    One of those.. with some shots of 100% agave tequila.. and I’m good for the entire night…

    1. Re: Me…

      Yeah, one thing I noticed when we visited the Inferno was that the bartenders were pretty generous with the alcohol.

      1. Re: Me…

        this is Wisconsin afterall…

        One thing I keep hearing from people who travel to the coasts is that getting drunk is accidental there…while it is quite purposeful here.

        Carrie I think was quoted as being glad she was home with people who could *drink*!

        1. Re: Me…

          It’s quite purposeful for me, too… but I probably don’t qualify as one of the people who can *drink*. ‘sokay with me, I like still being able to go, as Div put it, “from zero to drunk in $20″… 😉

  2. friday i tried some good bourbon. eagle rare single barrel, or something ike that, it was really nice.

    1. Mmmm, good bourbon. Haven’t tried that one, but I think I saw it in the store the other day.

      You should try some Knob Creek next time you visit, or next time you’re at a well-stocked bar (most bars around here seem to stock it).

  3. A stout Catholic upbringing has given me the desire for my drinks strong. So you can taste the al-kee-haul. Those Knights of Columbus guys know how to drink! Now that doesn’t mean that I need my palate scalded by liquid fire, but (and especially in a bar situation where you’re plunking down $$$) I like to taste the liquor so that I know it is in there. AS for straight-up stuff, it has to be good quality or I’d rather mask the burning-edge with fruity goodness.

    1. Yeah, exactly, it’s not a macho thing, it’s just a matter of wanting to enjoy the flavor of good liquor.

  4. When I drink good scotch, I drink it straight. I don’t want it watered down with anything. Same deal with the cordials and shots of vanilla rum.
    I do drink my mixed drinks weak, but that’s primarily due to the lack of tolerance. I’m an extreme lightweight.

  5. when i do drink, i generally go for very strong drinks or shots.

    1. I’m still kind of dubious about shots… unless it’s crappy alcohol, I usually want to savor it, plus I have such a low tolerance that once I have a shot I generally have to lay off for awhile.

      So what strong drinks do you drink, that aren’t shots?

  6. I like my Scotch single malt, and straight as an arrow.

    1. What brand(s) do you recommend?

  7. Do you really wanna get me talking about liquor?

    1. I dunno…

      …do I?

      1. Re: I dunno…

        lol… yeah, sure. it’s ok… I’m feeling alot better.

        I have a hard time drinking strong drinks, because usually all I can taste is the alcohol content, and that just tastes like rubbing alcohol. Even when I *do* drink good hard liquor (I don’t buy cheap liquor… I buy midrange stuff.) You’ve gotta teach me how to drink hard liquor and enjoy the flavor. All I do is grimace and cough.

        I’ve been known to drink peach brandy, and it’s about 70 proof.

        My father will occasionally make himself a Manhattan, a little sweeter than most, but not by much. I enjoyed them as well.

        About enhancing the flavor of the alcohol instead of covering it, I drink gin and Sprite with a lime. Either the flavor of the gin brings out the lime in the Sprite, or the Sprite brings out the ginny flavor in the gin. You can thank for telling me about that drink. Of course, he was just told about it. He never tried it himself. 😉

        1. Re: I dunno…

          I’m feeling alot better.

          That’s very good to hear.

          I think the trick to enjoying strong liquor is the same as savoring any drink: breathe in the aroma, take very small sips, roll it around in your mouth. A lot of the flavor in the stronger liquor, particularly things like brandy and whiskey, is in the smell, so it’s essential to give the aroma a chance to fill your head after taking a sip.

          You’ll never completely be rid of that “rubbing alcohol” flavor – I mean, you’re drinking alcohol, after all 😉 But it’s kind of like learning to enjoy black coffee – once you can get around the basic bitterness of it, you begin to taste a whole range of subtle flavors.

          Of course, nothing says you have to enjoy strong liquor. There is endless variation to be sampled and enjoyed in the realm of wine or fine beer as well.

          Either the flavor of the gin brings out the lime in the Sprite, or the Sprite brings out the ginny flavor in the gin.

          Gin and lime is a match made in heaven.

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