That was an adventure.

VNV Nation was good.

Not good enough to be worth the drive, though.

Which is no slight against the band. I wouldn’t make that drive again for any band under the sun.

DC lived up to it’s reputation. It took me two hours to find my way from Baltimore to the club, at least half of it fighting traffic and getting lost in downtown DC. There was an accident blocking traffic on 295 South coming down, and I passed two accidents being cleaned up while driving home on 295 North.

DC is the only town in which two perpendicular roads can intersect twice, in two different places. Topographical laws are merely suggestions. If it weren’t for the directions tirani gave me over the phone when I called her in desperation, I almost certainly would have given up and driven home.

No more DC driving for me. If I can’t find a ride or get there on the train, I’m not going.

But yeah, the show was good. I actually got there just in time. And it was great to finally meet tirani. Thanks again for your help.

Despite the stress of the drive, I had no trouble getting lost in the music. That part of the evening was sheer contented bliss.

Ronan’s comments about livejournal cracked me the hell up. I was so pegged…

He and Mark had two guys up there with them playing keyboards and iBook. I’m not certain what exactly they added to the music though, since the backing tracks sounded pretty much like they do in the recorded versions.

Some weird vibes after the show. But it was good seeing people. I don’t feel like doing the roll call; you know who you are.

Now to see if I can sleep after feeding my nervous energy two cans of SoBe Adrenaline Rush during the ride home.

UPDATE: Just found out someone had their car broken into at the show last night. One more reason to never drive in DC again…

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  1. What did Ronan say about LJ?

  2. You couldn’t have paid me to care about the VNV show, but next time you want to head down to Alchemy or some place else in D.C., let me know. If you’re willing to drive to my place just south of Baltimore, I can get you the rest of the way.

  3. What club was it at again? The 930? Because the easiest way there is Georgia Ave (right near my house, might I add) and then a couple of side streets.

    Now PARKING… that’s a different story.

    Oh and SoBe Adrenaline Rush == good shit. I actually prefer the “diet” version, because it’s sweeter.

    1. The club was Nation, at Half and K Streets. No, not that Half and K Streets, the other Half and K Streets šŸ˜›

      I don’t think I’d want SoBe any sweeter than it is. But then, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I drink my ice tea unsweetened.

      1. Ah… I’ve been to Nation a couple of times as well. It’s not too hard to find… just a few streets off, what is it, 395? 95? Something like that…

  4. DC is the only town in which two perpendicular roads can intersect twice, in two different places.

    Baltimore has several streets that run parallel and then intersect. And 10th street is nowhere near 20th street. (It is more than the expected 10 blocks away.)

    In New Jersey, Paterson Plank Road intersects itself and then crosses over itself.

  5. I like DC, for day trips…

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