Burn ’em if you got ’em

Flag-burning could soon be illegal. It’s gonna be a close vote in the Senate, but this could conceivably go through.

I am, naturally, disgusted.

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  1. ofcourse it will go through.

    that is totally fucked.

    1. Enough senators are on-record as opposing it to block it. So it will only go through if someone changes their mind…

      1. I am sorry, perhaps I have been rather pessimistic about things. I keep expecting things that I never thought would happen, still happen regardless of what the normal outcome should be.

        1. It’s easy to forget about the endless stream of stupid, harmful legislation that gets defeated every day and focus instead on the next big threat to liberty. But sanity does prevail sometimes. For instance, congress has been successfully kept from sneaking the broadcast flag into law today.

          1. well that is good news. It doesn’t effect me as much as it effects the masses around me (I do not watch TV) but, too much control of our media is very important for my outcome in general.

  2. I would protest by burning a flag, but it would make my father cry. I won’t do it out of respect for him and his faith in our country. I think if any veteran came up to me and said “Can you please not do that? It really upsets me” I’d honor that wish. Much more so when it is my own father.

    So no flag burning for me. Let’s hope it doesn’t pass so there will be no need to protest.

    1. And that’s the point

      Respect for the flag is something that has to come from within.
      This legislation invites a beating with the Romans7 stick, where Paul says [paraphrase] “I never thought about doing wrong until the rule caused the temptaion”.
      Down with these idgits and their igner’nt legislation.

  3. Not to even bring up the action of protesting by burning a flag, but what about the “correct” way to dispose of a flag that’s frayed or been otherwise soiled? From what I had always been taught, the way you’re supposed to dispose of a soiled or damaged flag is by burning it.

  4. hmmm..

    if it does pass the senate… then we have the states to worry about…

    are there 13 states that wouldn’t vote for it???

    (are there that many blue states? ;)) )

    Or, to be conspiracist, is this the newest kind of “anti-gay marriage ammendment” that they are going to try to put on the 2008 ballots to get people to the polls…

  5. Color me ignorant

    but I thought burning the flag has BEEN illegal? Or was that just something made up, either in my head, or told to me by another ignorant person?

    1. Re: Color me ignorant

      Nope it’s legal. For the moment, anyway. There have been various attempts to ban it over the years.

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