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  1. This is the greatest thing I have ever read.

  2. i am with you on that, as far as the simultaneousness of the emotions.

    but why did they have to pick such a mean looking dog photo, making me think of pet sematary & stuff?

    1. Yeah, the press is pretty biased against zombies. They need some kind of anti-defamation league or something.

  3. Do you really think it’s not a hoax? I’m sure this has been tried before.

      1. Though I found the link you supplied to be darkly amusing, I fail to see the connection between using insects to power a vehicle vs. bringing dogs back from the dead.

        1. It was the fact that you could freeze the flies and put them in a sort of suspended animation for when you glue them to the matchstick that made me recall that link.

  4. That is a great article, but is right… why did they choose that picture? And while we are on the subject, was there any change in the dogs’ memories or demeanors? Cognitive function is one thing, personality is another.

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