The Imperial March is My New Theme Song

I’ve been making avivahg miserable for a couple days, and now I think I’ve pissed off a good friend – and I’ve just gotten started. I am angry. I do not like my life right now, and I do not want to continue as-is. It does not bring me happiness. Which is not to say I am incapable of being happy – I am very able to make myself happy. I feel, however, that my life as it stands is an impediment to that happiness. The negatives are clear; I do not see the positives at this time.

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  1. It’s because you refuse to blame the weather for anything. It’s hot, and muggy, and miserable out and how can you really get excited about life when you can’t even bear to walk out the door.

    1. Ironically, some of my happier moments in the past few days have been outdoors, mugginess notwithstanding. It’s indoors that I am reminded of all the things which piss me off.

      I did find myself yelling at the weather report on the radio this morning though. It went something like “it’s going to be hot this weekend, but at least there won’t be any rain“. Yeah. Our bodies will still bake under a relentless sun while every surface is dripping with the humidity; but THANK OUR BENEFICIENT CREATOR that terrifying droplets of moisture will not fall from the sky. Heaven forfend that the air be cooled, or that our blistering skin be denied the loving rays of the day-star.

      1. lol I’m with the weather guy. I like a good rainstorm every now and then, but I’d rather them be during the week when I’m stuck inside anyway. I hadn’t been out when I commented earlier, but it’s actually pretty nice today. I think I’ll take the kids to the park and think happy thoughts for you. Until I get distracted by something shiny anyway.

        1. Would it make it easier for you to stay focused if I wore a tinfoil suit?

  2. It’s a bad idea to start burning bridges because you’re unhappy with your life, you might find that the end result is worse than what you started with.

    1. So I’ve discovered.

  3. good luck…
    may the changes you desire be within reach…and hopefully without too much carnage left behind…

  4. Ohh… did you see the post of the darth vader chick in PVC?

    (sorry… that was the mental image I had when I read your entry’s title: Avdi in a darth vader PVC costume)

  5. Re: another star wars icon

    He’s got a point…. Palpatine is merely a Butt Lord. I am the buttmaster! Bwahahahaha! All your butts are belong to us!

  6. Re: another star wars icon

    Someone should photoshop an old “Beastmaster” poster…

  7. Ohh…

    From these comments.. it just appears that you have a case of surlytitis… It’ll probably clear up in a cuppulla weeks..

  8. Re: another star wars icon

    I have to say that your icon made me laugh my butt off! ROFLMAO.

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