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Fun weekend. Friday, met avivahg for coffee, then took myself to Borders and spent too much on books. Picked up A Deepness in the Sky for light reading, and then saw a hardcover edition of Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore on the bargain rack as I was checking out, and had to grab it.

Jung, Moore, Campbell, James Hillman – I’m just enthralled by the the writing that emerges from the nexus of myth, psychology and spirituality. I feel compelled to read this stuff. I just wish I knew what it was that I’m supposed to do with this knowledge once I absorb and internalize it all. Oh well, I guess I’ll discover that in due time.

Friday night, went out to Ascension. Had a great time, got to talk to a few of my wonderful friends, danced. Specified premium gin for my drinks (Tanqueray, if you’re curious), and decided the added cost is entirely worth it. Launched my campaign to get more Alphaville (other than “Forever Young”) played in clubs, unsuccessfully. I’m not discouraged, though; I will not rest until the world is once again dancing to “Germany with Love”. It’s only a matter of time.

Even later Friday night, stayed up until 5 AM playing Nethack (technically, Slash’EM). Got to level 5, and was killed by a pony. Shut up. Ponies are fierce.

Saturday, had a great time playing video games and watching the Clerks animated series with shadowandlight

Sunday, visited my mom. We went to the coolest used bookstore I’ve ever went to, where I spent too much on books (sense a trend?). Then had hours and hours of good conversation, before driving sleepily home.

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  1. >premium gin..entirely worth it<

    No doubt. I’m a Bombay Sapphire man meself.

    Apparently Tanqueray now makes vodka as well.

    >Ponies are fierce.

    No doubt II. My sister owned a Shetland Welsh, easily the meanest animal I have evey tried petting.

    1. Sapphire is also nice. As is regular Bombay, which is what we have at home right now; but I think I’ve decided that between regular (clear) Bombay and Tanqueray (which are at about the same price point), I prefer the Tanq.

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