Talk to me

I’m bored… if anyone wants to chat… even if you’re not someone I regularly chat with… feel free to message me.

ICQ: 3641814
Yahoo: avdi
AIM: AvdiG

Mail: avdi at avdi dot org

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  1. I would love to message you but regrettably, I don’t have time [because if my mom comes back and finds me on the computer when I have to finish reading about the Lees of Virginia, I will be slaughtered. :p ]

    Hopefully you will be bored again soon so that I can chat with you.

    1. Message me any time šŸ™‚

    1. *blink*

      what’s a pokit?

      1. it’s what I do to people. I go… POKIT!
        /me pokes you.

        and now you’ve been poked.

        Anyway, I have to go offline now… working on getting some data from “dead” drives. Wish us (me and ) luck.

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