Why is it, that after getting substantially more sleep than I usually do, I feel absolutely brain-dead today? I’m beginning to think I’d be better off limiting myself to six hours or less of sleep a night.

I read something which says it’s much healthier to wake up without an alarm clock. How the hell am I supposed to train myself to wake up at the same time every day after only six hours of sleep? Sure, I normally wake up before the alarm clock on special occasions; but I’ve never managed to make that work on a daily basis.

I’m guessing I’d probably feel better right now if I had gone for a run and meditated this morning. Does anyone have any other suggestions for maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and feeling well-rested and sharp every day?

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  1. Light and dark are very important to quality of sleep and hormone regulation. Make sure you sleep in a completely darkened room and get as much natural sunlight as possible when you wake up. If actually sunlight isn’t available, buy some full spectrum UV bulbs for the fixtures you have on after you wake up.

  2. I experience the same exact thing. From what I’ve noticed, the only way around the problem seems to be having enough clockless sleep days lined up to let your internal clock adjust to its new freedom.

  3. its a sign that you have not gotten enough for a long time. your brain and body really are as exhausted as you feel – getting more rest got you stable enough to be more aware of it. getting more sleep, consistently, would be much better than concluding less is a better plan.

  4. Making sure you get up and go to bed at the same time no matter what, especially on the weekends and especially getting up at the same time. It’ll take a few weeks but you’ll feel so much better. Of course for the first few weeks you may have to go to bed early to catch up on your sleep debt.

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