You know you’ve been up all night playing a Necromancer when the first thing you think upon sighting roadkill is “ah, potential reinforcements”.

Unrelated: I think I’m turning into a big ole’ softie as I age. It’s not uncommon for me to get weepy on hearing certain songs; but today marks the first time in a long time I teared up listening to NPR. They were doing part of a series of interviews with parents and grandparents of youths killed in Philadelphia, and damn if I didn’t have to do some heavy blinking when they were talking to a man who had lost his son.

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  1. I used to play an online game called Archmage. The general gist of it is that you were one of many battling wizards who could build up towns, summon monsters, cast general spells and attack other players. Every action cost a certain number of mana and every, say, 5 minutes you got more mana. One of the “trash” items was a book of cantrips with a spell for summoning squirrels. Eventually, I discovered that in very large numbers, the squirrels were more or less unbeatable. Certainly your balrog could take out 30 in one swat, but I’ve got 30,000 each with a 25% chance of doing 1-3 points of damage in a turn.

    Of course, my favorite class was necromancer. The only reason was that I just had such glee imagining an army of undead squirrels cresting a hill and driving fear into the opposing forces.

    My nick was “squirrelmancer.”

  2. Re: road kill the plaque bearer

    Hush, you; or when you die I will force your undead skeleton into my service holding the puke-bucket for when I overindulge on Potions of Booze while overseeing my minions.

  3. I heard that too! I had to turn off the radio as I was about to bawl on my way in to work.

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