I’m surprised I haven’t seen a meme like this in the past. So I’m making it up now:

Name one person on your friends list, who isn’t on mine, whose journal you think I should read. Or who I might get along with in real life. Or who would introduce a useful alternate perspective to my insulated little world 😉

Then repost this in your own journal.

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  1. Actually this one has been around before. I have to ask, you need more people on your flist :-)?

    1. Obviously I do, otherwise I would have seen it the last time this meme went around! 😛

    2. I have to ask, you need more people on your flist :-)?

      Yeah, I have to ask the same thing.

  2. Well, let see. I was gonna suggest , but you already have him.

    My friend is politically conservative (he’s cool with gay marriage and abortion and people doing whatever the hell they want in their bedrooms, so I keep him around 😉 ), an excellent writer, and is involved in the Scene in NYC. And he’s Jewish. If you like reading posts from intellectual people who are conservative (rather than bible thumpin’, “I’m conservative because Jesus told me to be” conservatives), both political and non-political posts, then I’d recommend .

    I’d also recommend , however he rarely posts. is an exLove of mine and a very close friend. He’s one of the most loving people I know, and yet he is rarely swayed by extraneous emotions when making decisions and stuff. He has one of the most amazing minds of anyone I know. The clarity of his thoughts and the depth of his intellect boggles my mind. He’s a GNUist who’s currently working for Microsoft (weird, huh). He’s Reform Jewish, politically liberal (I met him at a counter-demonstration against the National Alliance [the nation’s largest Neo-Nazi group]), enjoys filk and sci-fi and fantasy and enjoys reading and writing HP fanfic (not slash… actual *gasp!* plots). Add him to your list… who knows… maybe I’ll be able to get him to start posting again.

  3. Oh, you already have . NM.

  4. El presidente de la FSP.

    Good journaler when she isn’t too busy with life, FSP stuff, law school and being a single mother.

  5. I got one..

    He doesn’t actually post that often.. seeing that he’s currently stationed in Iraq right now.. but when he does post, I think his entries are pretty incredible.. I’ve met him in person a couple times at the inferno.. and he’s a great guy..
    Go find

  6. I reccomend , or his link feed . I think I’ve seen you guys reply to posts on each other’s journals before, so you probab;y already know of him 🙂

    Anyway, lately his LJ had been a little sparse, but sometimes he posts awesome microfiction (I’m his most adoring fangirl) and entertaining and sagacious politicla rants. Meanwhile, while you’re waiting for those things, he seems to spend almost his entire day (does this man work?) surfing the net and posting links to various interesting things up on .

  7. .

    You’d get along. You’re both pretty feisty and independent-minded.

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