“…we’ll wake up dreaming…”

Lazy weekend.

Thursday night: gaming with shadowandlight. Introduced him to the joys of System Shock.

Friday: took myself canoeing and hiking. More gaming in the evening, this time with extra beer.

Saturday: Not much. Picked up some apple crates to use as bookshelf supports.

Sunday: Went to see Over the Rhine. Got to meet divalion at the show. Looks like I’ve made another convert 😉 I have a theory that no one can sit through an OtR concert and not fall in love.

The show was wonderful, of course. Just like last time, Kim Taylor opened for them and joined them on most of their songs as a backup vocalist. This time, however, they were traveling with a full band, which put a different spin on the songs. It felt a little jazzier and more lighthearted than when it was just Karin, Linford, and a piano.

They played most if not all of the songs from their new album Drunkard’s Prayer. I picked up the CD at the show; it’s worth the price just for the one track “Born”. This was the first OtR concert I’ve been to that I stuck around long enough to chat with Karin and Linford. We didn’t speak long, as there was a small line for autographs; but I had time to ask Linford if he would ever be publishing his poetry in book form, to which the answer was a glorious YES!

Monday: had a semi-picnic at Lake Redman, in an area I discovered while hiking on Friday. darkpool introduced me to the amazing property of the “touch-me-not” plant, known to me as jewelweed. When fully ripe, the seed pods explode at the lightest touch like tiny grenades, flinging seeds and sometimes setting off other seed pods in a train reaction. I’m astonished that after all those years of growing up in the woods I never encountered that phenomenon before.

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  1. Huh. I didn’t know jewelweed explodes like that. Cool.

    My mother’s flowers (they’re VERY common, they live in full shade, they’re not wax begonias, but i’ll be damned if I can remember their name) had seed pods that did that. I can remember talking to friends on the phone in the early fall and exploding them. God, that was fun.

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