Weekend Update: With 100% LESS Tina Fey

Friday night: chinese food and video games with shadowandlight. The PS2 gets high grades for actually letting you use cheap old PS1 peripherals. Yay for eight-dollar light guns. Unfortunately, our TV gets poor grades for freaking the hell out every time we pulled the trigger.

Retired early due to exhaustion, on account of having gotten only three and a half hours of sleep.

Saturday: went to Heathcote for their Annacker Day celebration. The world music drumming group I’ve been attending had a “recital”, after which we just kept on drumming for an hour or so. My Ugandan drum sounded better when I tightened it up a bit, but I still want a really sweet-sounding large djembe. Like the ones I played with on…


Renn Faire. I’ve officially hit the point where it feels more like habit than “OMG Renn Faire!!!”. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. Renn Faire is one of the few places and times that I feel comfortable drinking in the middle of the day. It’s always fun just wandering around, enjoying good beer, watching all the eye candy, taking in the occasional show, and pretending I’ll someday be able to afford the merchandise. We caught “A Fool Named ‘O'”, as per our ritual. He never fails to entertain, and the kids love him.

One of these days I’d really like to go to Faire with a group of my peers, rather than as a Family Outing, which it has always been in the past.

We left pretty early and went to my mom’s to hang out for the evening. She had a bottle of Absente, which we had to try. Pretty good, although to my undiscerning palate indistinguishable from Sambuca or any other anisette.

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  1. Called you guys about Renn Faire, but i must have called too late cuz I missed you!

    I too am starting to feel blase about Renn Faire. I’ve gone like three times a year for 8 years. The good thing is that when I go now I don’t have to worry about trying to take anything in, and can just enjoy the company of the people I am with. Or get very drunk with the people I am with 😉

  2. I haven’t been to the Faire in years and I’m dying to go! :c(

  3. Come to Pirate weekend on Saturday with us! ARRR!

    1. Never again. We did that last year, and it was just too friggin’ crowded. I think it took us an hour just to drive that last mile or two on Crownsville Rd.

  4. Well, I’m relocating to your area (perhaps not in time for this season but definitely for next) so I intend to hit the faire’s with Kimberley and am hoping you, Stacey, Jay, Rebekeh, etc. might join us.


    1. Good luck. The PA crowd seem for some inexplicable reason to prefer the PA renn faire (aka RennDisney, aka “I could have sworn I came in here with $200”, aka “The Kooky Pirate Revue”).

      1. Oh, I am quite familiar witht the loss of $$$ associated with ren-faires.

        I mean, two people can easily blow $100 at King Richards on entrance and food and walk out with nothing but well a good time and cider and food in their bellies.


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