Fuck. I need to kick the habit of listening to music that matches my mood. Trouble is, I can’t deal any other kind of music.

I was tempted to play hooky today, and I’m thinking I should have. I’m hurting too much to get anything done.

Tell me if you can understand this:

Grief like a fire in your chest. A bittersweet burn that is unbearable only because it has no outlet. A feeling that if you could just find the right channel, you could do something truly worthwhile. A molten core of creative, transformative energy hampered by by flesh. The sense that with the right key, you could be consumed by the pain and leave something pure and unhampered where once you had stood.

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  1. Best description of “it” I’ve ever read.

  2. I know *exactly* what you mean. It builds up almost to where you feel you will explode.

  3. That’s funny because when i was reading the post right before this I was thinking maybe you need to do some art or….something where you can release and create.

  4. I understand!

    Absolutely. 110%.

  5. I can understand that.

    You and I need to sit down for alot more heart to hearts. The things you say on this subject always resonate with me like madd.

  6. yes yes yes yes yes.

    thank you for putting it so eloquently.

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