Still Sick

Went to the doctor today. Something I haven’t done since we changed doctors, so had to do the whole new patient thing. Was not entirely heartened by the nurse who had her own personal 8-foot diameter Ciggarette Funk Field, and whose voice sounded like Lord Hrack, Frog-Daemon of Emphysema.

Was seen by a doctor-in-training, which effectively meant I was looked over twice. Diagnosis: virus. Nothing I can do but drink lots of water and rest.

Inevitably, my temperature was a paltry 97 point some-odd at the doc’s. As of a few miunutes ago it’s back up to 100.0.

Yeah, I know, there are few things more boring than a sick-log. In other news…

Telemachus was flaming.

If you’ve IMed me recently and receieved no answer, please leave a comment to let me know. I have suspicions about Kopete. If you haven’t IMed me recently, shame on you. I’m sick and bored and for once I have nothing better to do.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon man.

  2. I used to go to the doctor when I was sick. I’m allergic to pretty much every antibiotic known to man so invariably the advice was to get fluids and rest. But not before a big, whopping charge to my insurance company was billed, or worse, I was billed. After awhile I realized the real uselessness of “modern medicine” because unless there was some major trauma they didn’t do anything anyway. Now I just eat candy when I’m sick and pretend that it’s some powerful narcotic that will make me feel better right away. You can buy a lot of candy with what would have been just one co-pay.

    I hope you a) feel better and b) get some candy.

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