Quick Update

Back at work after spending most of the week sick in bed. Not especially happy to be here.

The weekend’s plans got scaled back considerably due to my illness. I did make it to the Mother Earth Harvest Festival at Spoutwood, but only for an hour or so on Sunday.

Last night we saw Corpse Bride with shadowandlight and predestinedsoul. I liked it. It didn’t have the same manic energy as Nightmare Before Christmas, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It felt too short – all set-up and then a brief resolution. But it was pretty, and that’s all that I asked of it.

Sadly, by the time I arrived at the theatre I had slipped into a melencholy tinged with wanderlust, and the movie did nothing to abate it. It’s still lurking in the back of my mind. I feel too tied-down, too static and trapped. I’m 25, and anything should still be possible; but it’s not. I feel each interlocking puzzle-piece of my life holding the others in place, keeping any from being exchanged.

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  1. sorry youve been feeling so poorly, on all levels

    i recommend the rubiks cube for idiots approach đŸ˜› pry a corner of one piece up and pull it out

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