Imagine you are a watchmaker, and you have to fix an antique clock. The catch is that you have to do it blindfolded, by feel alone.

While wearing boxing gloves.

Now imagine that your tools are ancient and decaying, and occasionally they break. But you don’t know when they have broken, because of the conditions in which you are working.

Now you have some idea of what my job is like.

On the up side, one of my co-workers just doubled the amount of memory available to me. I’m positively swimming in RAM now. Who could possibly need an entire megabyte of memory?

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  1. 640k ought to be enough for anybody.

  2. The experience sounds familiar. embedded system?

  3. So, effectively, imagine you’re Strongbad fixing an antique clock while blindfolded?

  4. Who could possibly need an entire megabyte of memory?

    Tell me that is supposed to be a joke.

    1. Sort of. The fact is, for the system I’m working on (to put it briefly, it’s an embedded system which processes data arriving from a radar antenna) one megabyte is way more than needed. And the more I work with low-level systems, the more I realize how shockingly, unjustifiably bloated most PC apps are.

      All that said, I have a PC with 640 megs of RAM at home and I often feel it’s not enough. But then, we usually have multiple user’s desktops running on it at the same time.

      1. I heart my 1 GIG of RAM. . .call me a gloated glutton 😉

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