Good news

I should really just be happy about this: as of this month, all of Stacey’s debts are paid off.

This brings up so much unwarranted angst. I really shouldn’t elaborate.

I want to give this up.

I don’t want to be angry about this any more.

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  1. Perhaps it is that it is Stacey’s debts not “your” debts. I hope you find some peace about this situation.


  2. That post was a little confusing. I don’t usually associate angst with finally paying off debts. Is the angst for the previous time period in which the debts were still outstanding?

    1. I just read the other comment. I’m an idiot, I get it now.

    2. It’s not a subject I want to hash out in public. IM me if you’re interested in the explanation.

  3. I’m really sorry I’ve put you through so much, but I appreciate very much what you’ve done for me – the way you’ve helped me out of a financial bottomless pit.

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