Obstacle!!! OMG, LIFE=OVER!!!!1!

OK, so it’s not the end of the world. Just lot of little things getting me down. At work I’m supposed to be working miracles with broken tools. The in-laws are coming in less than a week for turkey day, which I am not looking forward to at all. Tomorrow I’m getting all four wisdom teeth out, so I’m expecting to be out of commission for the weekend when I could be getting work done. Management has begun to make noises about putting in extra effort to stop the schedule slippage, which in translation means that I’m in danger of losing not only my accrued time off, but possibly my long-ass xmas vacation as well. The latter hasn’t gone over very well because we’re supposed to be traveling south (in-laws, again!) over xmas break. We’re back to single-income status at just the time when the bills are ramping back up, with my dental surgery, various doctor bills, and the cost of heating the house. And what with the lack of funds and time, I’m losing any hope of starting classes this spring.

Just a lot of little things. More than anything, it’s the lack of anything really pleasant on the horizon that gets me down. I’m OK through the down times if I have something to look forward to; but when all I see ahead of me is more of same it gets to me. I need a silver lining…

OK, mope=over.

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  1. You wanna come and visit some Friday?

  2. best i can do

    I have some silver trim left from this…

    1. Re: best i can do

      Oooo, that’s pretty.

  3. I hear you….

    I’ve got 11 task areas (projects)…now that one of my co-workers left. And I am having to deal with other peoples undocumented code. (Some of it broken, and some of it using undocumented kludges to gets things to work.) Flash is a really powerful amazing tool but with some major flaws. The worst being now global find or replace. So I have about 40 files each with an average of 25 objects. Now, try to find all the instances of said function with no search tool !@#$%

    Worse, I am working on an old Pentium III with only 512MB of RAM!

    Not uncommon for me to have the following open:
    2-6 instances of IE
    1-2 instances of SQL
    1-2 instances of Access
    ColdFusion Studio (actually a great text editor)
    Flash 6
    Flash 7
    1-4 instances of Windows Explorer

    (and sometimes a few other programs – all at once…yeah, and i’m supposed to be productive when it takes 60 seconds to move a file in Windows Explorer, or I have to close everything I am working on to open new programs for a new immediate task. And being as ADHD as I am…that’s just screaming for opportunity to get distracted)



  4. Would it cheer you up at all if I said that there are things that you have in your life that I pray to have in mine every day?

    From reading your LJ for a while, I can sense that, though like all of us, you have a nervous point from time to time, but I think you do know that you’re blessed. 🙂

    1. Would it cheer you up at all if I said that there are things that you have in your life that I pray to have in mine every day?

      More than you know.

  5. Hey, having a sense of humor helps. I’m guessing you lose your time off at the end of the year? Is there any way you can talk to your bosses about making an exception about that if they want you to work more?

    1. Nevermind my grandmother is entering the scary world of dementia and it would make her immeasurably happy for all of us to go down to FL for Christmas.

      Jobs will come and go. You can’t get another family.

      1. I thought he meant he had time off to take and extra christmas time or something.
        Dementia sucks, it’s something you’ve got to keep a sense of humor about to though. At least to work with it, but I think it helps families to. Otherwise it’s terribly depressing. I’m sorry to hear that though, I have seen secondhand how hard it can be for families.

        1. No, he was talking about the possibility of having to work over what would have been his usual long-ass Christmas break.

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