Just a quick update to say that I’m recovering fine from my dental surgery. I had all four wisdom teeth out at once, per the advice of my dentist and just abot everyone else I talked to about it. The general anesthesia bothered me more than any other aspect of the procedure, due to a bad past experience with anesthesia. It proved to be much more benign than last time, however. My mouth is swollen to Robert Z’Dar proportions, but so far the pain has been negligible. Stacey has been feeding me shakes and soup and such.

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  1. I had all four out at the same time as well, plus an extra two molers I didn’t have room for. It is really much better to do it all at once. They gave me IV sedation if I remember right. Lots of pain meds. As long as you take an easy and make sure you don’t get “dry socket” you will be right as rain. Get well. *hugs*

  2. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. And that everything went well.

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