On a more practical note: starting (hopefully) tonight, I’ll be living with my mom for awhile. This means that I’ll be spending a lot of my time slightly West of Baltimore, in the Sykesville/Eldersburg area. I’m hoping to use the opportunity to get together with some of my Baltimore/Washington area friends. If you’re interested in hanging out in the next few weeks, by all means drop me a line or leave a comment here.

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  1. I will send you an email. Likely the email will just piss you off and make you not want to hang out with me in the near future anyway, but we shall see.

  2. We totally need to hang out.

    1. It looks like I’m going to be in your area Saturday afternoon. Ping me online sometime today, otherwise I’ll try to remember to give you a call tonight.

  3. I’m going to Midnight in DC this Saturday, if you’re so inclined…

    1. I’m more in the mind of meeting for coffee, that kind of thing. I swore off driving in downtown DC, let alone at night, several months ago.

      Although it does look like I’ll be in that area this saturday… but still, DC driving… ::shivers::

      However, if you’re ever up for it, you’re one of the people I’d love to get a chance to talk to outside the club setting.

      1. A) I’d be more than happy to be the chauffer.

        B) Meeting outside the club would fabu, as well. Did I ever give you my number?

        1. If you did, I don’t think I have it anymore.

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