I’ve been playing around with Google Reader, and I took it as an opportunity to import and go through all my old RSS feeds.  All told, after tagging, removing dead feeds, updating moved feeds, and adding a few that were missing, I have 245 feeds.  I’d post a link, but Reader doesn’t seem to have a blogroll feature (yet).

All this has reminded me just how much RSS sucks.  To the above-linked list I would add this: keeping a list of feeds up-to-date is a pain in the ass.  People move or take down their feeds all the time, and you have to manually update your client every time.  This is the fault of multiple parties: the blog-publishing tools, for not making permanent redirection an easy and obvious option, and the feed-reading tools, for not handling redirection intelligently.

Aside: I’m writing this in Performancing, a blog-posting extension for Firefox.  It seems OK so far, although it includes my pet peeve about all WYSIWYG posting interfaces: buttons for “Bold”, “Italic”, and “Underline” instead of their more useful semantic equivalents.

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  1. Re: writing this in Performancing: I have yet to understand why you insist on finding a web-based LJ update tool when LJ inherently has that feature and you are able to access LJ from work.

    There’s got to be more to it. What gives?

    1. I dislike writing long treatises into web text boxes with a passion. The web is great, but it has really lowered people’s expectations when it comes to rich user interfaces.

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