I don’t usually do those “things that get on my nerves” type memes, because it’s really not that common for people outside my immediate family to get on my nerves. Not that there’s anything worse about my family; it’s simply a matter of constant proximity, which happens to be one of the few things that does get on my nerves. The point is, I don’t find myself thinking “it sure pisses me off when someone…” often enough to form a list of peeves.

However, there is one thing that consistently annoys me: having to repeat myself. With that said, if you want to get on my nerves, one of the best ways to do it is to give something I write a merely cursory reading and then make a comment that completely misses the point.

As a general response to many of the commenters on my last post: I am not talking about logs. Every IM client I’ve ever used kept logs. I am talking about a different feature entirely, one that is built on logs but which is not reducible to logs.

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