Find Out What Booze Do

Newsflash: drinking buttloads of alcohol is bad for you, makes you do stupid things.

First Super Size Me, now this. How did documentary-of-the-blindingly-obvious become all the rage?

I have a proposal, and I need a volunteer: I’ll follow you around with a camera for a month, during which period Samuel L. Jackson will beat the crap out of you with a tire iron three times a day. In return, I will share the proceeds of the resulting documentary: “That Mutherfucking Stings: The Hidden Dangers of Being Beaten to a Pulp with a Tire Iron by Samuel L. Jackson” 50/50 with you.

Any takers?

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  1. Okay! I’m laughing! …at the idiocy of someone/s who’d take on such a stupid project. What were they thinking! Of course drinking buttloads of alcohol is bad for you.

    Stupid Brits! We don’t even have to do an experiment to know that!

  2. I have a couple people here at the office I’d like to volunteer….

  3. I actually thought…

    that supersize me was kinda cool…(seeing that I actually know a lot of people who do eat fast food almost every day and don’t think it will hurt them…) but this… is ridiculous…

    alcohol is a poison… drinking lots of poison is, by definition.. not very good…

    oh well… I hope you do get some takers.. and maybe we can also have some other similarly documentaries… How about I do the “I infect you with a new fatal disease every day…” or the “I set you on fire” documentaries….

    1. Re: I actually thought…

      …wait, wasn’t there some show called “Jackass” based on that premise?

  4. ROFL! It depends… Can I also do the massive drinking at the same time and will Samuel L. Jackson watch my kids if he beats me to unconsciousness?

    And I second the vote for a setting someone on fire documentary!

  5. Oh wow. What a stupid-ass “experiment.”

  6. What? No reference to “Fahrenheit 911”?

    I think you do “Super Size Me” a disservice. It presented a number of facts, many of which were new to me.

    Yes, fast food is bad for you. I “know” that, from warnings from my (non-physician) parents. I was surprised at the frequency of advertising, the targeting of advertising to children, and the density of fast food restaurants. (“Restaurant” is not quite the right word for them. Perhaps we should call them “food outlets”.)

    But I’m not volunteering for your film.

  7. One problem with that 50/50 equation… what is Samuel L. Jackson getting paid? Did you assume he would just get the fulfillment of beating the crap out of someone on such a regular basis?

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