libxml-ruby install

Jotting this down in case I ever need to do it again…

Changes needed to compile libxml-ruby and libxslt-ruby on OpenBSD 3.3

with GCC 2.95:

– Add CFLAGS=LIBXML_SCHEMAS_ENABLED to the ‘make’ command line

– Add #include <stdarg.h> to the top of ruby_xml_document.c

– Rename ‘libxml-ruby’ source dir to ‘libxml’

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  1. stop it, you’re turning me on! ;p
    so are you using OpenBSD regularly? at home or work? i only ask because i finally tried it (it’s been on my mind for a long long time) and realized it demands a good BSD understanding to even get running, which i don’t currently have :-p later!

    1. *runs in, swipes your icon and flees*

      sorry but you have no idea how much i need an icon of a goth chick lecturing a teddy bear 😛

      1. lol! help yourself. so you know, i cropped it from a Nemi comic. a fun comic i’d stumbled over from Norway. requisite link.

    2. My web host ( runs OpenBSD. So my interest in it, currently, extends only as far as getting things to compile under it.

      Although in this case I don’t think the platform had anything to do with the changes I had to make. lib[xml/xslt]-ruby are just really shoddy packages.

  2. Holy crap, I think I actually understood all of that. Maybe I haven’t lost as much as I thought.

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