Teh internets is broked

Ever notice that the most common point for an online transaction to fail is in between pressing the “Yes, I really want you to take my money” button and getting the “Yes, we really received your order” response?

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    1. The problem, I think, is that this is the point where the geniuses who put those apps together decide to insert some super clever “we’re processing your order so watch the dancing monkey and please don’t click “Submit” again” intermediate pages full of fragile Javascript.

      1. I just thought that it was at this point that the most stuff goes on. They have to check your credit card, they have to process the order, etc.

  1. nope…

    I find it to be “Murphy’s Law” Ammendment #257

    When writing a very long email, message, or post…if you hit send/post without having a copy saved or in a text editor, the internet will choose that very moment to fail!

    1. Murphy’s Law strikes back

      I’m was tempted to make a smartass remark about creating email/posts so long that they make the entire internet fail… but then when I tried to post it, I got an error and had to start again…

      1. Re: Murphy’s Law strikes back


        A#257 STRIKES AGAIN!!!!

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