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Hamas has a bizarre obsession with the Rotary club. If we Jews are behind the evil subversion that is Rotary International, I wonder what kind of honorary rank that gives me? My in-laws are active in the Rotary… won’t they be surprised when I tell them I’m like a Grand Moose, or something.

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  1. Dude…

    Hamas is so on to something.. but they just don’t realize that it isn’t the Jews who are behind all these problems.. but rather.. the Belgians…who are the main threat–and who control the monolithic bone-crunching Wheel-of-Terror known as, Rotary International….

  2. I am amazed (though I really shouldn’t be) that people in the western mode of thought actually give creedance to these bloodthirsty asshats. Oi!

  3. hamas is crazy to make such asumption. so is your in-laws! such crazy pepl!

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