Coffee time update

  • For an analytical guy, I actually make a lot of my decisions on the “when the spirit moves–” system.  The spirit has been telling me pretty clearly that now is the time to get serious about buying an electric guitar, expense notwithstanding.  Recommendations for a first electric guitar would be much appreciated.  I’m looking for a versatile workhorse.  The sounds I’m most interested in mimicking are those of bands such as The Cure, Big Country, U2; various shoegaze groups like Slowdive; with a little noiserock thrown in.  Basically I’m getting it more for the effects than for the guitar itself.  But the quality and “fit” of the guitar is still important.
  • Recommendation for effects peddles, digital effects, etc. would also be appreciated.
  • So all the new consoles are out.  I’m watching the gaming news with the mild interest of someone who likes games but rarely finds time to play them.  If time and money were no object, though, I think I’d buy an XBOX 360 (for me) and a Wii (for the whole family).  Time will tell, but it’s looking like Sony really screwed up with the PS3.  It’s way too expensive; the consensus among developers is that it’s harder to develop for than the 360; it’s actually got a less powerful GPU; the promised answer to X-BOX Live is still murky; and their justification for the rediculous price – that you’re actually getting a great deal on a Blu-Ray player – is a loser, because nobody cares about Blu-Ray yet, and they won’t until either it or HD-DVD emerges the victor.  The Wii, on the other hand, is looking like the must-buy item of the holiday season, judging from the initial blog entries I’m reading about it.  Apparently it has the power to transform moms, the elderly, infants, certain higher forms of fungus, and other previously non-gaming-inclined life forms into avid gamers, instantly.  Every kid who gets to play this at a friends house is going to be begging for one for Christmas.
  • Our government’s new political balance has so far succeeded brilliantly in providing me with all the entertainment I had hoped it would.  ‘Nuff said.
  • I’m going to the BaltoLUG (Linux User’s Group) meeting at Borders in Timonium tomorrow at 7PM.  Will any of my geeky local readers be there?
  • This weekend  shadowandlight taught me how to play tennis.  Yep, 26 and I’d never played.  It was every bit as fun as I’d imagined.  I foresee a lot of tennis in the future, especially once the weather warms again.
  • On the recommendation of John Scalzi, I picked up Scott Westerfield‘s Pretties and Uglies for the Princess.  They were a big hit with her, and I can see why.  Last night I stayed up until around 4AM finishing the latter book.  Solid, smart young adult sci-fi.  I’m looking forward to the conclusion, but I’m putting off buying it for myself her until I’ve recovered from my sleep deficit.
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  1. For my money, I had to get an Xbox 360 first. I’ve been quite happy with my 360 and all the extra media stuff. Xbox live is still the bar to compare all other online gaming to. Also take a look at the XNA Game Studio Express (

  2. Oh hey, I might join you for the BaltoLUG thing tomorrow night. I sent Marc an e-mail about their defunct mailing list, but then I got busy and forgot about it.

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