Posh dreams

My wants are relatively modest.  I like nice things, but not exorbitantly nice.  There are a few exceptions, however:

I think having a place in the country along with a loft in or near the city would be just about perfect.  A nice big space to romp and raise kids and animals and shoot guns and build treehouses and run around completely starkers at 1AM howling at the moon; and then a sleek and clean personal retreat, with lighting by Ikea and eccentric art on the walls where I can host swanky martini parties.

This, however, is never going to happen on a programmer’s salary.

I would also like to be able to enjoy wine.  This is probably the more tragic lack of the two.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I have an allergy to wine, or something very similar.  The variety is unimportant – red, white, sweet, dry, from port to champagne – more often than not, when I drink it, the effects are unpleasant.  Not disastrously so; just an achy, fuzzy head; a flushed, hot face; and an uncomfortable heavy-headed sleepiness.  Stacey suggests that it may be an effect of the sulfates.

The sad thing is I really do like the taste of good wine.  Even when I was a kid I used to surprise my elders by passing over the sweet, syrupy wines in favor of the dry whites (yes, adults gave me wine as a child.  Shock, horror.)  And there are many meals for which a well-chosen wine is the only fitting accompaniment.

On the plus side, it means I can excuse myself from a vast swath of knowledge that I would otherwise feel compelled to instruct myself in.  And I do still have the pleasure of savoring good beer and good whiskey.  But that’s small comfort when I’m confronted with a fresh, luscious baked brie just crying out for the right accompaniment.

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  1. Oddly, I have almost the exact same fantasy about the ideal living situation.

    Part of me would love nothing better than to be back in the city. I *loved* urban living. But having had a backyard and some space and farms nearby and stuff for 5 years now, I don’t know that I could cram myself into a tiny city space again.

    So, yeah– the ultimate ideal for me– intentional community of some pretty houses in the woods/country, with space for rituals and outdoor fires and a pool and stuff like that; and some bohemian-chic rooms in the heart of the city where it feels like the world is at my fingertips.

    1. I can’t say I ever loved, or even liked, urban living – and I only ever lived on the outskirts, in Owings Mills. However, I do like being close to clubs and coffeehouses and fancy restaurants and friends who live in the city. And despite the fact that that country living is the only mode compatible with my long-term sanity, there has always been that metrosexual part of me that longs to decorate a nice airy loft. Subdued lighting, stainless steel, black and white photos… a great big dark couch set and a nice home theatre system… and well-stocked bar… *sigh*.

  2. Are you allergic to fish? Sometimes wines can be strained with fish skins or something. I haven’t had a problem with it so far, but I don’t drink a lot of wine, either.

    1. I think what you are referring to is called “finings”. I know that many beer manufacturers use it as a clarifying agent, though some don’t. I wasn’t aware that it is used in wine, but if Avdi hasn’t a problem drinking beers like Guinness, it isn’t finings that is the issue.

    2. Interesting, but no, I’ve never had problems with fish. Thank god. I love fish.

  3. beer goes with everything in Wisconsin!

    Heavy, dark, light, hoppy or sweet…..surely baked brie has an accompanying beer….

    1. Someday you must visit us and help me thin my beer cellar. I’m sure with dilligent enough research we could find the right combination. All in the name of science…

  4. They use sulfate to preserve dried fruit, too, so eat some of those (non organic) to see if you have a reaction and you’ll know if that’s what it is. You might also try making sure you are completely hydrated and not hungry when you drink wine, but I’m sure you’ve thought of that by now. I get some of those effects, too, but I tend to think of them as added benefits!

    1. I remember how I was always strictly instructed to wash dried apricots before eating them, for just that reason. Guess I’ll have to try that sometime. The trick will be sneaking non-organic fruit past Stacey πŸ˜‰

  5. “I think having a place in the country along with a loft in or near the city would be just about perfect.”

    Especially if you could have a private high speed subway tunnel between the two in the basements or something. πŸ˜‰

    Regarding your allergy. Definitely try to find a wine without sulfates or artificial preservatives and see if it causes the same effect. The sulfur preservatives affect a lot of people.

  6. wants, needs, desires

    Ah… a good book, a fine glass of bordeaux, a fireplace… back up… the bordeaux would send me right to the hospital. And for that I pout. I loved red wine and a nice dry white with a meal was good too. I learned both in college. Then suddenly they decided not to like me back. Were you there when I reacted at dinner with Ken and Lizzy at the Texas Roadhouse? Four days of severe migraine and a trip to the doc for shots to get it under control? Well, I’ve graduated to a sip = migraine and if its a dark wine my lips go numb too. Doc says sooner or later I won’t get migraines and numbness… I’ll get anaphylactic shock. But people continue to cook with wine and not tell me until AFTER I start having problems. I still miss wine though.

    Let’s try again… a good book, a fireplace, a nice liquour. Or Amaretto… amaretto and mysteries go together well. Hypnotiq is best with those romanic comedies. And a glass of lemonade with vodka for a film in Russian works well.

    Love the car! The expresso machine… if it works for you, cool. I’ll pass. I’d rather do tea.

    Good luck on the dreamhouse. Sounds wonderful

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