“–I feel good all over”

I started on a rambly life-update post, but lucky for you it was just as excruciatingly dull to write as it would have been to read.

I think what I’d rather do is ramble to someone in person, preferably over coffee.  Anyone up for coffee?

Nutshell observations on life:

I need to dance, bad.  Was all set to go last night, but came down with a sudden case of the I-feel-like-craps.  And then the dog puked on my new skirt.

Speaking of which, this dog is wearing away my patience.  She’s sweet-natured, quiet, undemanding, and she pukes at least twice a day.  Apparently there’s some kind of cycle limit on that “–like a dog returneth to it’s vomit” thing, because after the second regurgitation today she refuses to clean up after herself.

I feel fine today, though.  Better than fine.  I want to clean, code, dance, flirt, conspire, play, chat, jam, drive, sing, and build.  Or something.

Except I don’t feel fine about this house.  It’s a wreck and it smells of dog vomit and garbage.  This is exactly what I was escaping from when I moved out of my dad’s house.

I made dinner last night.  Chicken fajitas, It was fun.  Gotta do that more often.  After I take a bulldozer to the kitchen.

I bought a harmonica at Cracker Barrel while we were traveling.  It’s amazing how much pleasure (for yourself) and annoyance  (for everyone around you) $5 will buy.

Gonna call a doctor first thing after the new year.  Not being able to run without my lungs collapsing, and not being able to drink coffee without burning pain in my stomach, are seriously cramping my style.

Lovecraft should have set his stories in Florida.  So much of it consists of vast stretches of desolate, silent, blasted scrubland fading imperceptibly into trackless reeking swamps where the pitch-black water lies motionless and foetid.  Every living thing not in constant motion is overtaken with fibrous lichens and great fungal growths, blurring the lines between earth and flora as if the whole scene were painted in watercolor which has smeared and run together.  I visited a graveyard where the ground itself exuded a putrid green slime, some kind of algae or fungi, which spread and choked the feeble blades of grass.

I can’t escape the feeling that all the people I know who vacation in Florida are actually visiting a completely different Florida. Like they are actually talking about the town of Florida, California, population 6,000, or something.

What is everyone doing for New Years?

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  1. NYE

    –at the inferno as every right minded individual should be…. 😉 At some point in your life.. being here over NYE would be a good thing.. club stays open till 6am.. and there is music all night long… very good for cathartic purging thru dance…

    As for your stomach… sounds like acid-reflux to me.. (or maybe an ulcer.. but that’s far less common…) Definitely go see a doctor.. but taking prilosec in the meantime might help.. (if you aren’t already..) Doctor visit is cool, however, in that they might give you Prevacid–which not only helps acid reflux from recurring over time–but also immediately stops it when you take it..

    anyway.. Have a happy New Year!

    1. Re: NYE

      I agree on the acid reflux possibility; I don’t drink coffee for that exact reason (I do have mild acid-reflux, am currently on prilosec and it’s working nicely) although since I started on prilosec I never bothered to go back and try coffee. I drink tea and tea’s become my routine.

    2. Re: NYE

      It looks like I’m going to get my dance on in Baltimore this NYE… so long as I don’t chicken out. I hate being in the city during major celebrations. Crowds and crazy people…

      Interesting… I always thought acid-reflux was only experienced as pain in the chest/throat area. Can it be felt down deep in the stomach region?

      1. Yes…

        I usually have a cast iron stomach.. but on labor day of this past year I got what appeared to be a case of acid reflux.. I thought it might have been an ulcer, but all tests came up negative.. in any case.. they put me on acid reflux meds (prescription) for a month and it got better…

        In any case.. the feeling I had was as if I had been punched in the stomach–a kind of hollow feeling with acute pain occuring at non-regular intervals, but most often occurring a little while after I had eaten…
        Location wise.. it was in my upper abdominal area.. beneath my sternum.. but sort of centered there…

        in any case.. hope this info helps and Happy New Years!

  2. Gregg and I are in NJ for New Years. We return monday afternoon, at which point he is going to plant his ass on the couch and watch the somethingorother bowl (football). Coffee Monday evening?

    1. Monday’s not so good for me, but what about Tuesday?

      1. Tuesday is good. I’ll see if I can get my mom or Jason to watch the baby for a bit. Are you free all day or shall we meet at mama Java’s after work?

        1. I’ll be working, so after work.

  3. I am doing nothing as of right now. I haven’t been invited to any parties or anything, and the one thing that suggested I do with her and her friend Luna would have required renting a hotel room out by Dulles, and I just don’t have the cash.

    I wanted to be in NYC, but no cash and I couldn’t work out the timing on the bus.

    My mom mentioned us going to Williamsburg VA to my grandparents (and their awesome First Night program), but that fell through.

    I feel like a loser that I have nothing to do with anyone.

    I’m thinking of checking out Arlington’s First Night program, but I always feel like a loser doing First Night alone, so I’ll see if I can get anyone to go with me.

    I’d totally ask you to spend NYE with me, because I bet you’d be a lot of fun and an interesting person to spend NYE with, but I have the feeling that you’re in Florida.

    1. I’m back in PA, but it’s looking like I’m going to spend this night at Orpheus in Baltimore. Thanks, though!

  4. Weel if it is acid reflux I know Folger’s is working on a new extra smooth coffee that’s supposed to help people with sensetive stomachs. I don’t know if it’s actually in stores yet or not though.

    1. Interesting… but that would require me actually voluntarily drinking Folgers in a non-emergency situation 😉

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