OK, I admit it…

…I wussed out.  The rain, my slightly-less-than-optimal physiology, and a series of wardrobe malfunctions all conspired to keep me home NYE.  A decision that seemed justified when, later on, the rain gathered force rather than slacking off.  I don’t care how much fun I might have had; making my bleary-eyed way home while drunken party-goers play automobile pinball in the freezing rain is not my idea of a night well-ended.  Call me crazy.

Here’s the thing: I like New Years.  Dunno why, but I do.  I like to celebrate it.  But going clubbing was a second choice.  What I really wanted, what I always want come December, is to have an actual New Years party to attend.  You know, the kind at someone’s house, with people and games and drinks and snacks and a volume level that makes actual conversation possible.

Just a hint, for anyone who might be planning something like that next time ’round.  I’m happy to bribe my way in with booze and snacks.

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  1. Wardrobe malfunctions? o_O

  2. Ah jeeze! Anytime you need to be hooked up with a party, call me. I may not be attending, but I probably know where you can find one.

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